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*NEW* Front Idler Arm Assembly for use with Gearbox Steering SAE-K6248T

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SAE Parts manufactures steering and suspension parts that deliver innovative features and specific problem-solving designs that make them the perfect choice for you. Our parts deliver long life and dependability.

Many of our suspension products use powdered-metal gusher bearings with grease grooves that resist wear better than conventional designs. All SAE suspension and steering parts are made from heat treated SC45 carbon steel to increase your vehicles dependability and performance. Coated with black oxide paint, SAE parts are guaranteed to prevent the buildup of rust. Its design allows grease to flow through the bearing to the stud and provides a smooth, durable surface that extends service life.

SAE tie rod housings are forged from specific materials and then heat-treated, obtaining the most desirable grain structure for strength and durability. Our tie rods are sealed with a premium polychloroprene to keep out dirt, and include a grease relief valve that allows debris to be flushed out when the vehicle is being serviced, giving our tie rods a longer life. Bearings include grease grooves that ensure flow of lubrication throughout the part.

This tie rods part design consistently produces just the right amount of preload, providing proper steering effort over the life of the part. Wrench flats are added for ease of installation, and most applications include a castle nut and/or cotter pins for a more secure installation.

CHEVROLET G10 SPORTVAN (1983 - 1993)
CHEVROLET G10 VAN (1983 - 1995)
CHEVROLET G20 SPORTVAN (1983 - 1995)
CHEVROLET G20 VAN (1983 - 1995)
CHEVROLET G30 SPORTVAN (1983 - 1996)
CHEVROLET G30 VAN (1983 - 1996)
GMC G1500 VAN (1983 - 1995)
GMC G1500 VAN RALLY (1983 - 1993)
GMC G1500 VANDURA (1983 - 1995)
GMC G2500 VAN RALLY (1983 - 1995)
GMC G2500 VANDURA (1983 - 1995)
GMC G3500 SPECIAL 1996
GMC G3500 VAN (1983 - 1996)
GMC G3500 VAN RALLY (1983 - 1996)
GMC G3500 VANDURA (1983 - 1996)