Valeo 52252203 OE Replacement Clutch Kit for 2006-2011 HHR Cobalt G5

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Valeo 52252203 OE Replacement Clutch Kit for 2006-2011 HHR Cobalt G5


Valeo is a FrenchOEM global automotive supplier headquartered in France, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. It supplies a wide range of products to automakers and the aftermarket.The Group employs 113,600 people in 33 countries worldwide. It has 186 production plants, 59 R&D centers and 15 distribution platforms.

This is an Original Valeo 52252203 OE Replacement Clutch Kit 2006-2011 HHR
2005-2010 Cobalt
2007-2008 G5

  • Engineered using only the highest quality components and latest technology for exceptional operation and reliability
  • Premium Friction Material for Increased Durability: Valeo's premium friction provides better heat dissipation, preventing premature failure
  • Consistent Comfort: Enhanced damper technology for improved filtration of noise, vibration and harshness maintaining the comfort of the original clutch
  • Kit contents include: Clutch Disc, Clutch Cover (Pressure Plate), Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool
  • Trusted by major vehicle manufacturers (OE) and aftermarket industry professionals worldwide, Valeo combines its signature engineering and advanced design to deliver uncompromising performance and quality

Part# Valeo 52252203

ChevroletCobalt2005Base2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2005LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2005LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2006LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2006LTZ2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2006LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2007LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2007LTZ2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2007LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2008LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2008LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2009LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2009LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2010Base2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2010LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletCobalt2010LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2007LT Panel2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2007LS Panel2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2007LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2007LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2008LT Panel2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2008LS Panel2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2008LT2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2008LS2.2L L4 Gas
ChevroletHHR2009LT Panel2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2009LS Panel2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2009LT2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2009LS2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2010LT Panel2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2010LS Panel2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2010LT2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2010LS2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2011LS Panel2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2011LT2.2L L4 Flex
ChevroletHHR2011LS2.2L L4 Flex
PontiacG52007Base2.2L L4 Gas
PontiacG52007GT2.4L L4 Gas
PontiacG52008Base2.2L L4 Gas
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